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Favorite ThisDada Life: The Rules of Dada Review

Published: October 30, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

What does it mean to follow The Rules of Dada? While we’re still a bit unclear on the exact matter, there’s a few things we assume belong in this prolific handbook: a hunger for bananas, the thirst for champagne, and the desire to get real wild. Or maybe it requires us to pre-game before tuning into the Stockholm duo’s new release by blending up a thirst quenching Dada smoothie, mixing all three crucial ingredients.

First up on Dada Life’s recent collection of mouth-watering tunes is “Kick Out The Epic Motherfuker,” which blasts open with big room synths, overarching drum smacks, and heavenly vocal progressionseverything that makes Dada, Dada. The group’s infectious style of electro house knows no boundaries, and flawlessly grips the youthful spirit of their listener’s with playful lyrics. 

“So Young So High” once again toy’s with youthful desires by merging hysterically poppy, often pitched up vocals with electrifying instrumentations. Lyrics stating “Being young and feeling high, we will never ever come down” quickly set the tone for the track, and create continually blissful moments throughout. 

“Happy Violence” paints a vivid and nostalgic sceneone-part daunting, and the other euphoric. Anthemic synths will instantly induce gyrating hips, as valiant female vocals gracefully topple all earthly constraints or humanly limitations.

“Boing Clash Boom” tells a gritty tale of unforgettable late nights through ethereal drum work, mesmerizing harmonies, and oscillating synth melodies. Tantalizing tempo changes gently play with your current state of mind, fluctuating between pounding and alleviating throughout the fist-pumping anthem.

After entering the ring with The Rules of Dada a few times, one thing has become crystal clear: Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom are changing the face of vocal infused electro house with a care-free, party-rockin’ sound that’s undeniably addicting--bananas, bubbly, and bass blaring bangers.

Tags: ElectroHouse