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Favorite ThisDabin - Awakening (Dead CAT Bounce Remix)

Published: November 28, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Today we bring you something fresh from across the Atlantic. Luxembourg duo Dead CAT Bounce contributed a track to the new Dabin EP, Awakening, out today (Nov. 27) on the Kannibalen label. Where the Canadian producer's original is a plodding, methodical dubstep anthem featuring the lush vox of Bijou, the remix by Frenchman Antoine Lanneluc and Italian Filippo Gorla is a high-flying electro powerhouse. The pair drop the tempo slightly from 140 to 130 BPM, but double up on the beat, taking the energy level through the roof, and kicking the fully functioning melody into outer space. Beautiful and pulsing, the Dead CAT Bounce remix is a marvelous display of what it means to remix a stunning tune for the dance floor.