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Favorite ThisCrywolf teases Cataclasm with 'Akureyri' single

Published: October 20, 2015

By: Martin Van Beek

After releasing his first three EP’s and having them all chart in the Top 3 on iTunes for more than two weeks, Crywolf has a brand new single to share from his debut album, Cataclasm. This Los Angeles-stationed melodic bass sensation has totaled over 30 million total plays through various music streaming sites, as well as collaborated with a bevy of high-profile artists, both as a producer and as a singer.

The new single “Akureyri” keeps true to Justin Taylor Phillips’ leading-edge experimental style. With rhythmic drums and canorous singing, this track takes you on a musical experience through an immensely elaborate and avant-garde soundscape. Dreamy captivating synths and pianos radiate a remarkably chill vibe, that go hand in hand with other singles “Rising, Rising” and “Wake [E-Bow]”. This third single leaves even more to be anticipated for the mid-November release of Cataclasm.

Tags: DubstepElectronicaProgressive HouseTrap