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Favorite ThisCrywolf - Eyes Half Closed [Angels EP out 4/29 on Always Never]

Published: April 28, 2014
By: Joana Cardoso

Crywolf, born Justin Taylor Phillips, is a triple threat music producer who carries with him an arsenal of talents including impeccable production skills, a dynamic voice, and the ability to play a wide array of instruments. His soundscapes combine soothing vocals, hypnotic beats, and instrumentals into what can only be described as uplifting music that engulfs the listener.

Phillips wowed fans with his well-received debut, Ghosts, which cracked the iTunes charts and dazzled critics. Now officially signed to Le Castle Vania's label Always Never, Crywolf is delivering another EP entitled, Angels. This release includes the single “Eyes Half Closed.”

In a sea of synthetic sounds that dominates the electronic music scene, Crywolf gives you a piece of the puzzle that sometimes goes missing in this industry; genuine manmade sounds! By combining vocals and instruments such as the violin, drums, and piano we as listeners get a connection bridged by raw human emotion. With each drop and use of tempo play, come waves of different textures blended to create a fluid yet diverse track. This isn’t your typical one sided track. This multi-faceted song is both great to get you dancing, but also brings to the listener a gentle, introspective vibe.

In fact the fluidity and peaceful harmonies are consistent throughout the EP. The entire album is a conversation of talents including Phillips himself, female vocalist Emalyn, and male vocalist Lis. Emalyn, who is featured on two tracks including the EP's intro and "Whisper" adds a delicate touch that completes the heartfelt romantic sound.

Lis and Phillips complement each other's sound in "Bury Now," where the former's soulful vocals give the track some extra zest reminiscent of R&B.The lyrics are meaningful and deep which adds a gentle, yet powerful element that brilliantly softens the dubstep sound. Not in the way that would dilute these dance tracks, but rather, in a way that exudes passion and emotion. Something that machines cannot always fully replicate. It is these components that make Crywolf’s new EP unique and so enticing to the ears as well as heart.

The Angels EP is coming out tomorrow April 29th. Fans can pre-order the EP on iTunes and instantly get the single “Eyes Half Closed” or pay with a tweet on Twitter and get the single for free. For this option visit Crywolf’s website at