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Favorite ThisCrushendo: Drop Logic EP Review

Published: February 24, 2012

By: Jordan Calvano

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To crescendo is to gradually increase the volume of a specific musical passage. Add a little “crush” to that, and you get the Boulder-based duo of Cody Yozipovic (Frequent C) and Julian Garland (The Candyman), who together blend jazzy bass lines and hip-hop melodies into a potent sonic stew.

Crushendo has evolved from the ashes of Slim Thugz, an overt statement of evolution for their present productions of intelligent glitch-hop. The pair have found a way to fuse classic tones, bass-driven electronic soundccapes, and head banging hip-hop samples to create soulful IDM that is making a dent in the Colorado EDM scene. They released their Living Dreams EP about a year ago; a record that features memorable cuts like, “Kids These Days,” and “Rediscovery.” Since then, they have continued to drop crowd pleasing originals, and have put their own spin on well-known tracks from artists like Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, and Awolnation’s indie hit, “Sail.”

With Crushendo’s latest release, the group takes their spicy tunes to a whole new level. The Drop Logic EP, 5-song package,  featured on Simplify Recordings, and demonstrates the duo’s progress over the past year.

“Player’s Only” marks the beginning of an incredible musical journey; one that is woven between pulsing melodies and solid drum programming. The track opens up with an atmospheric intro that carefully develops into funky rhythms, psychedelic chord progressions, and out-of-this-world grooves. The group returns to its roots, yet adds a whole new dimension that makes each track even more enthralling to the listener.

As the incredible bass-driven journey continues, we find ourselves at track four. “Labyrinth” is a musical maze. Fostering an elaborate glitch-hop essence, it transports the listener to the far reaches of time and space replete with incredibly dynamic synths that seem to be created on Chopin’s MIDI keyboard.

“What’s Your Function” wraps up the Drop Logic experience. If the function of conjunctions in Schoolhouse Rock was to hook up words and phrases, then the function of Crushendo is hooking up classical strings and groovy sound waves. The song features epic transitions that entwine the listener and leave them begging for more logic dropped on their minds.

The new Crushendo EP is a hit. They add to their list of well-developed cuts, and prove that they deserve the opportunity to drop music on Simplify Recordings. 

You can also download the just released "The Crushendo Compilation" for free:

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