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Favorite ThisCrush Effect rockets up Hype Machine with ODESZA 'White Lies' remix

Published: May 27, 2015

By: Josh Davis

Those who know me outside of the digital realm we call the Internet know that I have been a humungous fan of the duo that many know as ODESZA. Their feel-good tunes have been in my go-to playlists since 2012.

Their track from 2014, "White Lies" featuring vocals by the beautiful Jenni Potts, was a very solid tune then and still holds a lot of water up to this day. But with great originals typically comes great remixes… and Crush Effect authenticates such a scenario.

The duo has turned an already funkadelic tune to something that begs to be blasted on the beach with a bucket of good brews, and I think it’s primarily due to their reverbed take on Potts' vocals and twangy installments of string and horn instruments.

If you’re looking for a good tune to blast out of your speakers on a sunny weekend morning, you must give this a few runs.

Tags: ElectronicaHip Hop