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Favorite ThisCrowdsEye: Share What You Saw, See What You Missed

Published: July 20, 2012

CrowdsEye was created to transform the way people experience live events by allowing them to compete in interactive online contests called “CrowdsEye Challenges”. By participating in these Challenges fans are rewarded for taking interesting photos, capturing exciting videos, recounting fascinating stories, and writing entertaining reviews. CrowdsEye Challenges are specifically tailored to the unique characteristics of each event with categories that reflect its crowd, culture, and history. On CrowdsEye fans can interact with everyone at an event over our open network where there are absolutely no barriers. Fans are able to access all of the cool content on the site and can vote, comment, and favorite submissions for weeks after the event ends in order to re-live the experience long after it is over. Fans receiving the most votes will win prizes like cash, event tickets, and merchandise.

Through these challenges, CrowdsEye is amassing a database of fan-generated content organized by hashtags, date, location, and most importantly, popularity. Unlike traditional social networks, fans will be able to easily access the most interesting content and socialize on an open network with like-minded fans. Our goal is to become a home base for fans to express and share the collective energy felt at the concert, sporting event, or festival -- to create a social network not divided along the lines of traditional relationships, but instead brought together by the communal experience of attending a live event. A place where you can share what you saw and see what you missed.

CrowdsEye is THE social network for live events.

The craziest pictures. The coolest videos. The wildest stories. The greatest reviews. CrowdsEye has them all. Go to your favorite live events, check out the CrowdsEye Challenges, and start submitting your best photos, videos, stories, and reviews.  They have categories for everything you want to see, hear, or discover at a live event. Log onto CrowdsEye, upload your experience, vote on your favorite content, win cool prizes, and relive the event over and over.

**All Photos contained within this article are Winning Photos from the 2012 Electric Forest and Sonic Bloom Challenges**

Recent Prizes Offered:

Electric Forest
1st Place  -- 2 GOOD LIFE VIP Passes to Electric Forest 2013 + EF 2012 merchandise package
2nd Place -- 2 GA Weekend Passes to Electric Forest 2013 + EF 2012 merchandise package
3rd Place  -- Electric Forest 2012 merchandise package.
Extras - Spirit Hoods are being given to the top 3 photos in the “Best Dressed” Category

Sonic Bloom
1st Place  -- 4 VIP tickets to Sonic Bloom 2013 + 2 official posters signed by the artists
2nd Place -- 2 VIP tickets to Sonic Bloom 2013 + 1 official poster signed by the artists
3rd Place  -- 2 GA tickets to Sonic Bloom 2013
Extras - Rocky Mountain Hydroponics gave a $500 gift certificate to first place and $250 gift certificate to second place in the “keeping it green” category