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Favorite ThisCRNKN - Heart [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Published: January 10, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Gabe Baer knows how to set the mood. The young, young producer out of LA has been crushing some impressive remixes out of the park for the past year, but to kick 2014 off right, he's laid out a sexy R&B orignal for you and your boo. The man known as CRNKN has turned out another spectacular jam full of pitch-shifted coos for your affection. It's a bewitching number straight out the early 90's in a Delorean made out of chrome and fuck you. He's going to do it his way, like a knob-twisting Frank Sinatra. This is baby-making music for the 22nd century. Come on board. Grab that free download. You earned it, you naughty kitten.