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Favorite ThisCosby Sweater: #coolstorybro Review

Published: July 16, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

Everything about Cosby Sweater is catchy. From their witty moniker and humorous album covers, to the abounding funk they unleash. The burgeoning trio has established a knack for composing spellbinding numbers in the field of live electronica, fusing slick production with head-turning instrumentation on each robust release. This results is something so effervescent, so hair-raising, that even their most docile efforts could turn a dance-floor upside down.
On #coolstorybro, we witness Cosby Sweater assembling their creations in a more elegant manner. What was once rough around the edges is now suave and majestic. What used to sound raw has gelled and become neatly woven. That being said, we’re not the least bit surprised. The three musicians are finally discovering their niche as a core unit, each contributing to the album’s overall harmony.
The daring release shines a light on Cosby Sweater’s ability to churn out pensive and unmistakably exhilarating tracks, mustering up a diverse collection of fluctuating soundscapes. “Ratchet Rudy” is undoubtedly the album’s heaviest dosage, juxtaposing luminous drum patterns with substantial layers of glitch. Also prevalent are more laid-back pieces, further establishing Cosby Sweater’s ever-expansive repertoire. “Digital Sweater” relies heavily on a jazz-based, coffee shop ambiance, while “Sriracha” compliments Rusty Redenbacher’s free-flowing lyrical abilities with euphoric and dreamy synthesizers. 
Cosby Sweater’s second full-length album doesn’t just spell progression for these blooming musicians; it turns over a whole new leaf. Their sound continues to evolve, trimming away layers of unnecessary fat to create a more minimalist approach. Purchasers of the album are gifted a bonus seven recordings from the trio’s recent set at The Brooklyn Bowl, highlighting their exuberant, instrument-based live performances.

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