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Favorite ThisContra Scandal goes big on '1UP'

Published: May 16, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Contra ScandalGrab your plumber brother, jump down the nearest pipe into the sludgy sewers, and be prepared to gobble some mushrooms, because this new Contral Scandal tune is giving us life.

Ezra Arenson has a brand new banger, “1UP,” that he's unleashing on us, today. It's dark and trappy, and has all those moves that got us shooting fireballs out of our hands.

The best part is, we're only 2 weeks away from hearing this bad boy live. Contral Scandal will be joining Bricksquash, Hullabalo0, ONHELL, Resonant Language, Saule, SuDs, tiedye ky, VCTRE, Alexandre, Madam Bliss, ST4RFOX, Torbjørn, Treemeista, and Badmon Bishop on the ShadowTrix Music late night stage at The Untz Festival, June 1-2, in Mariposa, California. It was the STM team who brought Arenson into our lives, and we're so pumped to see him perform his violin-infused bass music at our festival in 15 short days.

Visit to get your tickets.

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