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Favorite ThisConspirator & Orchard Lounge slideshow + review / Union Transfer (Philadelphia, PA) / Nov 16, 2013

Published: November 21, 2013
Photos by: Dan Drufovka
Story by: Jenny Lynch

This past Saturday, Conspirator’s Going Up? tour hit Philly with “Inter-Lokken” sets of Orchard Lounge, and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong leading the charge. Philly’s Union Transfer hosted this unique event of never-ending musical entertainment executed through seamless transitions between the artists. Orchard Lounge and Conspirator each knocked out two sets.

Pigeons opened the night with a high-energy set to get people in the mood to boogie. They've garnered a pretty big following this past year, especially on the east coast, and people definitely made the effort get to the venue early to catch these Baltimore boys.

Then Orchard Lounge took the stage for their first ever Inter-Lokken sets. At this point OL is only touring as Spencer and Bethany Lokken, and many people have expressed their angst to get to see Ben Silver spin again. The Chicago duo spins the music they like and music they want to share—the beats they drop are hard to classify, with raging and funky sounds but also chill and mellow and everything in between. They took turns spinning for a while and then Conspirator joined them on stage for the first changeover. They did a great job smoothly transitioning between the artists, and people were definitely ready to get down to Conspirator.   

Conspirator brought an impressive lighting and visual art show that worked well in the venue.  It’s hard to not think of the Disco Biscuits when seeing Conspirator; there is a strong influence from Brownie and Magner, but guitarist Chris Michetti definitely adds a different vibe. It was awesome having them play two sets with OL coming back in bewtween to continue with the Inter-Lokken sets. Conspirator played a new track during the encore, showing the versatility and dynamics of this group.  We look forward to seeing more of Conspirator and what they have in store for us.

Overall, it was a high energy, good vibin’, music-packed night and we’d love to see some more events like this in Philly.

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