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Favorite ThisConrank drops two tracks on legendary Circus Records

Published: June 29, 2017

By: Chris Conte

ConrankConrank's debut release on Circus Records is a double whammy for the record books. “Don't Make Sense” with Son of Kick called morphs and grinds into a sledgehammer of sub destroyer. The tune starts off nonchalant with some nice and chill keys and flute then gradually morphs into some killer grime verses from Marger and finally transforms into a monster headbanger. Your face will twist and crunch up but you can't stop your head from bobbing up and down. It has classic dubstep vibes mingled with some weird bass with influences that cross the globe. His foundation of UK sounds is apparent here, while his residency in China also shines through. All the influence integrates to a banger that will melt faces this summer.

Hyper Sound” is a demon of a track with a distorted bass line that'll make Beelzebub turn it's head in shock. This behemoth of a tune is a straight up rager guaranteed to get you off your feet. Conrank's debut Circus Records release really showcases his ability to focus his talent and churn out some killer tracks. Not only is the bass a head turner of a wavelength, "Hyper Sound" has a snare that will open up your chest and rip out your heart like the sacrifice in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Tags: Drum and BassDubstep