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Favorite ThisConrank & DJ Shadow go lo-fi trippy on 'Exhale Therapy VIP' video

Published: October 8, 2015

By: Anand Harsh

Two masters in the Weird Bass movement collide in the trippy new video for the "Exhale Therapy" VIP. Long a legend in the turntablism, breaks, and left-field electronic worlds, DJ Shadow pops up on the new album, Ma Fan, from UK-born ConRank. The hyped new album, appearing on German label Saturate Records (one of the hottest publishers in the underground bass world, right now), is filled to the brim with collabs from our favorites like Bleep BloopMad ZachStarkey, and Stylust Beats.

DJ Shadow has been grooming his own stable of avant garde bass acts with his Liquid Amber label and a couple months back issued a tight three-track EP as Nite School Klik with G Jones. Here, he guests on a trenchant satire of club bangers that instructs fans to "blow" and "whistle," but in the process, this unlikely pair might have just stumbled about the anthem of the Weird Bass scene. Grimy and raw, the VIP struts and swaggers with an unpredictable intensity. It's fiery, it's trippy, and the video will make you want to watch Blade Runner again.

Download ConRank's Ma Fan from Saturate Records at a Name-Your-Price point!

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