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Favorite ThisComic Strips - Capture

Published: November 22, 2012
By: Anand Harsh

Tom Holroyd has cultivated the next generation of Switched on Bach. With what appears to be a heavy dose of classical training, the new Comic Strips cut, "Capture," (original debuted during his 2012 Shambhala Music Festival set) is an unparalleled lesson in keyboard mastery. Glittering synth work reaches the heights of technical proficiency. But it's not all cerebral sounds for the snooty; Holroyd always entertains with thudding drums and bouncy electro grooves. And he's still young, barely in his 20's. The Pittsburgh native is growing by leaps and bounds, and his precision with each new release keeps ratcheting up his abilities as a producer. Keep an eye on this one heading into 2013 and beyond.