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Favorite ThisCollidoscope put future funk spin on Grateful Dead's Shakedown Street

Published: June 14, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Part of the new generation of livetronica acts rising through the ranks, Austin, Texas-based Collidoscope is re-exploring jam band classics in a remix series that sheds light on the trio's talent. Hank Brigham, James Hatch, and Robert Slangen have already teased their take on "Tweezer," the Phish vehicle, but the Texas threesome first unloads "Shakedown Street," a go-to tune by the Grateful Dead.

Some will say the influence of disco in mainstream music was so intense, even unlikely acts like Kiss and the Grateful Dead released a song in the poo-pooed genre. But when Collidoscope took on the Dead hit, it's all funk all the time. Letting the original breathe, while still adding in their take, the trio puts a modern spin on the song without mucking it up. This will please fans of the original, and those who hate the smell of patchouli all at once. We're ready for the next installments in the series.

Tags: Livetronica