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Favorite ThisCollidoscope debuts new sound with 'Light the Beacon'

Published: May 12, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

CollidoscopeWe've been keeping track of Collidoscope's progress over the past couple of years, paying special attention to how the electro-jam outfit's sound has been evolving from release to release. The Austin, Texas duo of Hank Brigham and James Hatch (joined by Jacob Muhle on drums in the live setting) has been re-tooling its sound from a straight-ahead livetronica act to a future funk-driven monster. Tireless studio efforts and on-stage workshopping has given the act a renewed sense of sonic purpose.

Today we premiere “Light The Beacon,” a rampage of drums and synths that rockets the listener through a collage of time periods and techniques with vintage fuzz and futuristic bass whomps. This is a band with strict marching orders: rock those speakers. We're impressed with where the sound has landed these gentlemen.

Tags: Livetronica