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Favorite ThisCollidoscope & Pandasaywhat?! collab on 'Set Me Free'

Published: January 5, 2018

By: Anand Harsh

Collidoscope x Pandasaywhat?!To beat these wintery blues that have got the entire east coast down, we'll need to call on a couple of Texas and a Coloradoan to brighten our spirits.

Here come Hank Brigham and James Hatch along with their newest member, drummer Jakub Muhle, teaming up with Jordan Panasewicz to the rescue. Collidoscope and Pandasaywhat?! have come together to bond over their mutual love of vintage funk and fiery beats. The pair of artists premiere “Set Me Free” today, which melds some sing-songy horn blasts with some good ol' fashioned glitch. It's a delightful pairing that's got us dancing in the office.

The two acts both shared the stage at Your Mom's House in Denver, Colorado back in September, and on January 27th, Collidoscope returns to one of The Mile High City's favorite new venues. Hopefully Pandsaywhat?! will make a guest appearance to bang out a funk-filled version of “Set Me Free” in just a few weeks.

Tags: GlitchLivetronica