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Favorite ThisCold Blank - Podcast Episode 120

Published: May 11, 2012

Chris Gaspar and Manny Luquin are no strangers to the dance music scene in Los Angeles. The pair have been DJ'ing and promoting around the city of angels for the better part of a decade, and witnessed some of the biggest acts of today back when they were doing house parties and warehouses. A lot has changed since then, and the duo now known as Cold Blank have found their sound, and created their brand with their label Burn the Fire.

Cold BlankCold Blank just released its first single from the forthcoming album The Agenda, out in August on Burn The Fire. "Louder than Bombs is actually a dubstep tune, a surprising turn from the electro-house for which Chris Gaspar and Manny Luquin have come to be known. Regardless, the pair is spearheading the Wompapalooza festival in Michigan this weekend, and will be sure to bring the "womp" just as surely as they bring the untz.

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