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Favorite ThisCobrayama x ILLUMNTR team up on sultry 'Crang' EP

Published: July 7, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

A couple founding members of Exmag have rearranged themselves into a fun little combo for a delightful EP that kicks our weekend off right.

Mike Iannatto and Bryn Bellomy were both on the ground from the jump with Exmag, but have since gone on to work on their solo projects. Iannatto now produces and performs as Cobrayama, while Bellomy now shares his ILLUMNTR brand with John Russell. Today, Iannatto, Bellomy, and Russell dropped their collaborative Crang EP, and it's a goddamn hoot.

Who says you can't make R&B for people micro-dosing on L? Sounds like some narrow-minded naysayers. For years, these guys have been working in this pseudo-psychedelic-sexy realm with their vintage grooves and fuzzy overdriven strings that lean into a smoky backroom with little concern for a lockstep rhythm or an ironclad progression. They're prone to flights of fancy, and the title track along with “The Grand” illuminate—if you'll allow me the pun—that tendency. It's a perfect trip down memory lane with a quick pitstop in the world of Oz. Zapp & Roger and the Parliament Funkadelic would be proud.

Tags: GlitchLivetronica