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Favorite ThisCloZee's Harmony grounds and awakens fans from their winter slumber

Published: February 10, 2017

By: Bo Nuanual

CloZee's, Harmony release this week was a much needed shot of unconditional love naturally chased with a pint of fearlessly conspicuous tenderness. Of course, under the Gravitas Recordings banner (alongside longtime collaborator, friend, and label co-leader John Burcham a.k.a. Psymbionic), we knew this was going to be bold, playful, lovely, and unapologetic from a kilometer away.

Like a winter storm, Chloé Herry's  ascent to the top tier of the touring trip-hop, world and tribal bass scene caught some by surprise, was fierce and commanding, and eventually left all whom were caught in its wake with a refreshingly unfamiliar playground. To play in this new snow garden is to fall in love again, to laugh with childlike innocence, and to understand that you can never walk (or dance) the same trail twice.

Sober and somber in the most traditional sense, but overwhelmingly intoxicating by the timelessness of cosmic vibes that typically overpower and cloud the air at tribal gatherings, I danced it out to my first inoculation of CloZee vibes last year at Beloved Festival; somewhere deep in western Oregon. Like love at first sight (it occasionally happens), I was caught in the dance spell. When spelled out in deep, earthy grooves, the letters read, "This is it." 

CloZeeThe sobering and awakening effect of Harmony can be boiled down to three elemental forces; appropriate low end, tender and dense usage of flutes and violins, and drips passionately conceived alongside trap and organic rhythm leads.

But, beyond words there is something magical that writers such as myself find themselves gripping on out of sheer love and fear equated to getting weird in hopes that one day words could describe the vibe. Fans cannot help but to dance with smiles illuminated through endless frames of hollow cores portraying one's own self slowly filled with the good juice. As if walking down the road of life without a bite to eat, Herry does not flinch nor fret to feed the masses with new hope.

Take a listen and fight the urge to be happy and blessed. I dare you. It is not a normal or sane thing to do. This music is positively groovy as a truck. You will find yourself awake and grounded. This music is lit (by the spark of a thousand glowing embers).

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