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Favorite ThisCloZee, Freddy Todd, Encanti and more remix Electrocado's Scribble

Published: April 28, 2016

By: Drew Albee

After a prolonged hiatus to focus on their individual careers, Sydney, Australia-based duo Electrocado—glitch-hop guru Mr. Bill and progressively psychedelic Ryanosaurus—returned with the unique, sonically and stylistically versatile Scribble last year.

One of Gravitas Recordings’ most popular releases in the last few years, Scribble got the remix treatment from several bass music wizards among several other talented artists. Scribble Remixed dropped earlier this month, and it's a doozy.

The first remix on deck, “Baited” is by the mysterious Phria — who has apparently changed their name to Orchid. This song won Gravitas Recordings’ remix contest and it isn’t difficult to hear why. The track sends listeners surfing on sound waves. It's a much darker and ultimately interesting take on the playful original.

Next up is the super psychedelic “Baited” remix by Aussie Hypnagog. The track’s pulsating bass line guides the listener through a rather fantastic and strange trip. This track is a much more hallucinatory take on the perky and funky original.

One of my personal favorites is the fun “Plinky Plonk” reworking. Yet another from Down Under, Slynk slays the funky melodic glitch-hop track. This one was more upbeat and a bit crunchier than the mid-tempo original. There’s a lot of bounce in this track and nifty guitar incorporation — it’s sure to keep you grooving.

Toulouse, France’s own, CloZee, brings another gem to the table with her take on “Speedle.” The original is nice and saucy, but CloZee adds her own bass tastes to the mixture with yummy results. Crunchy and wobbly for your audible enjoyment.

The second-place finisher in Gravitas’ remix contest for “Baited,” is a soaring, electronic take on the funky original. Hailing from Boston, Bloom comes through with a futuristic, synth-laden experimental heater. The last drop comes in a bit delayed, but oh so massive. Wonderful work.

ZEEZebbler Encanti Experience does it big on our next track, “Circadoian Rhythms.” The Boston-based duo adds its own unique twist on the glitchy, house-ish original. ZEE's Encanti mixes squelchy bass, 808s and psychedelic twerk to concoct this psy-trap banger.

On deck next, we have Electrocado’s own “Chained” VIP. This track features both artists’ individual styles very well. This version is a more psychedelic, glitchy and wetter track than the original that certainly highlights some of the house aspects of the original, but stays crunchy and mind-bending throughout. The robust sound the two engineers are able to produce is incredible.

Hungarian artist, AMB brings some trippy, future vibes on the release’s next try at “Speedle.” This one is a bit mellower than both the original and the CloZee versions, but has some nice ambience and AMB adds his own unique twist. This track has some interesting psychedelic breakbeats and vocal work, definitely an intriguing take on the original.

Honorable Mention in last year’s “Baited” remix brings new life to the original track. This version is much more chill and cinematic, with dreamy vibes. The additional vocals towards the end attach an unusual freshness to the futuristic glitch and bass presence resonating on this one. Great stuff from Shamango.

The Untz Festival Rd 3Freddy Todd, Motor City’s bass maestro, brings his own fascinating brand of bass to “Circadoian Rhythms.” This remix comes off a bit more bouncy and fun, yet quite a bit milder than the original. More superior work from one of Detroit’s favorite artists on this saucy, spaced-out track.

To round it all out, an exceptionally interesting take on “Scribble,” one of the release’s most ridiculous songs. The heavily distorted, almost hard rock version of the insane somewhat D&B original song is a powerful way to round the album out. Boston’s Aaron Spectre, aka drumcorps, injects a mixture of electronic and hardcore elements to the original song creating an organic, utterly textured soundscape.

On the whole, Scibble Remixed does the original proud. This release is speckled with auditory oddities and glittered with glitch. The saucy psychedelia, wompy wobbles, swampy squelches, and ambient trance vibes on this release are reminiscent of its predecessor. However, the electronic whimsy, futuristic vibrations and plethora of additional bass invigorated by the remixing artists added to the already robust original. The most stylistically varied of Electrocado’s albums presents a stylistically varied remix release for your indulgence.

If you're a fan of Mr. Bill, make sure you catch him live at The Untz Festival in Mariposa, CA from June 2-4 alongside Sixis, Marvel Years, Fractal, and more. It's a glitch-hop paradise an hour away from the (regular) paradise of Yosemite National Park.

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