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Favorite ThisCloud-D brings west coast bass to the Mile High Sound Movement

Published: January 23, 2017

By: Anand Harsh

Cloud-DFor years, The Mile High Sound Movement has been powering the high-caliber underground electronic music scene in Colorado. In fact, The MHSM sent three of its acts to The Untz Festival last year: Lucid Vision, Unlimited Gravity, and ProJect Aspect. It's time again for the crew's compilation series, and Mile High Meltdown Vol 3 is a scorcher.

It's only appropriate that we premiere a track from one of MHSM's head honcho's, Jon Black, because his music is bringing the west coast bass we love to our beloved Colorado family. Cloud-D throws down one of the hottest tracks on the compilation in “Shlyde,” utilizing his signature alien bass that sounds like the beam of light that sucks unsuspecting hillbellies into the depths of a spaceship. It's a real adventurous track that pushes the sound into the already thick Denver scene.

Cloud-D is taking off on the Ghetto Trippin' tour with SuDs (who is performing on this year's festival on the ShadowTrix Music stage), and they're adding more dates before next month's kick-off.

Pre-order Mile High Meltdown Vol 3 before its release tomorrow!

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