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Favorite ThisCinnamon Chasers: Time.Body.Tears EP Review

Published: June 17, 2013
By: Jordan Calvano

It’s become apparent these last few years how head-over-heels Russ Davies truly is for the 80’s. The British producer has crafted a silky sound that’s more like a musical time capsule than anything else; composing disco and house tunes primed to rattle around in your head for days.
Each release unveils something catchier, something fresher than the last, evolving his fervor-inducing milieu while never straying from the core components that makes Cinnamon Chasers so damn addicting. On that note, let us formally introduce you to Time.Body.Tears. The visceral EP is a testament to Russ Davies’ constant grind, exploring the sonic frontier with each body of work: ethereal, danceable, and entirely hypnotizing.
Russ DaviesRooted deep within the head-turning, awe-inspiring tunes Davies created for Time.Body.Tears, we experience a fitting theme. Five songs, each totaling over five minutes, connecting like pieces to a complex puzzle. Nothing is random; nothing seems out of place, just exuberant chord progressions and alluring ambiance. 
Tracks like “Flight” and “Time” stand out as the EP’s most blissful servings, solidifying what seems to be the ultimate goal of Cinnamon Chasers: replacing melancholy with felicity. On other tunes, we witness Davies straying further towards a place of absolute emotion. “Body” remains the most fitting archetype of this phenomenon, striking a chord of childhood memories with trance-esque melodies.
Time.Body.Tears utilizes mollifying synths and mood-shifting drum patches to narrate an unforgettable story, one that’s entirely open to interpretation amongst listeners. Sit back, relax, and choose your destiny.

Tags: ElectroHouse