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Favorite ThisCinnamon Chasers - Flash Gun

Published: November 6, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Music doesn’t simply change—it continually evolves. Artists draw influence from those who came before them, and through sampling and the study of previous generations, we get today’s musical trends. This evolution is often lost in certain artists, yet blissfully shines through the revolutionary dimensions of others. The music of Cinnamon Chasers (Russ Davies) falls into the latter of these categories. The London based producer composes harmonious tunes that effortlessly grips his listener’s conscious, with nostalgic soundscapes reminiscent of 80’s electronica.

His new album, Dreams & Machines, will see the light of day on November 13th, but today we have an exclusive track from the release. “Flash Gun” kicks open with vivacious drum patterns, glitchy vocal samples, and an inviting atmosphere. These facets build up towards mesmerizing synth progressions, soothing the listener’s senses while clutching their most pivotal emotions. Whether you end up dancing to the effervescent beat, singing along to the pitched down vocals, or relaxing to the warm instrumentations, one thing is undoubtedly clear: “Flash Gun” will drastically ameliorate even the most dreary days.