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Favorite ThisChrissy Murderbot: Friendship EP Review

Published: July 30, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Chris Shively aka Chrissy Murderbot is an incredibly hard working man. The producer out of Chicago has been on his grind since 1995, and has never let up in his constant pursuit to crate danceable beats in a slew of different genres to keep audiences bouncing till the wee hours of the morning. This can be experienced on countless groovy EP’s filled with contagious original cuts like “Bussin’ Down” and “I’m a Asshole,” and bubbly switch-ups of vanguard acts like Johnny Moog, Machinedrum, and Miles Bonny.

On the veteran producer’s Friendship EP, he unleashes a collection of funk-filled tracks that’ll have fans dreaming of the dance floor in a mildew infested basement, or the steamy alleys of a high summer block party.
Opening up the release is “Bionic Penguins,” which contains edgy vocal samples and bright drum hits that will quickly entrance its listeners. Effervescent synth progressions gently guide their way throughout this contagious cut, and produce a calming yet head bobbing effect. Also featured on the EP is a remix of the same song by Sumsun, who takes the tune in a different direction by adding quicker paced drum samples and ambient soundscapes.

Next up is the title track, which features more emphatic vocal samples that get chopped up throughout, while providing listeners with an ethereal backdrop of bouncy instrumentations and jagged bass bursts. Shively’s jungle knowledge seeps into this progressive tune. Legowelt takes on the remix for this song, and fills it with dance worthy synth bursts and atmospheric background tones that will keep any crowd moving.

Chrissy Murderbot steps up on another thrilling release, while adding to his collection of impressive tracks and proving that he can continue to progress, even after so many years in the game.

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