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Favorite ThisCherub - All (D.V.S* Remix)

Published: February 14, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

Let's keep this love train rollin'! Derek VanScoten is no stranger to the sensual side on the sonic spectrum. His fanatical devotion to the guitar oozes lusty, reverb-soaked licks all over the damn place, and this Cherub remix is no different. Full of brazen professions of love everlasting, this D.V.S* nu-disco dance anthem is so potent and energetic, if you're not grabbing your lover 'round the waist and swinging him/her/it around the room by the end of it, you're dead inside, and you should probably see a doctor. Perhaps... the doctor of love? Yay, KISS reference!

Tags: ElectroLivetronica