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Favorite ThisChase Manhattan debuts grimy west coast banger 'Earthworm Slim'

Published: November 10, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

Chase ManhattanWe've been throwing a lot of west coast bass at our fans, so we've decided to THROW SOME MORE BECAUSE FUCK YEAH. It's just like our thing, man. Get off my back.

Portland's Chase Manhattan has been steady brewing up some bangers in his underground lab for the WE GOT THIS crew, amongst others, and now he's got a fresh one just for us.

Earthworm Slim” is a tough-as-nails, speaker rattling chunk of subsonic power. There is a strong hip-hop beat, but plenty of bass to back it up, without muddying things up. This one is clean.

Start repping this one before all your friends, so you can make all those “early bird got the earthworm” puns you want to make, you silly guy.

Tags: Hip HopTrap