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Favorite ThisCharlestheFirst unleashes his powerful Running Through the Forest EP

Published: May 13, 2016

By: Matthew Smith

While instruments have continued to produce sounds never heard before, nothing compares to the perfection of the sounds found in nature. Does hearing rain fall just outside your window make you want to skip work? Does the anticipation of cracking thunder have you sitting on the edge of your seat? CharlestheFirst is a Sierra Nevada-based DJ who’s heavily nature-influenced origin unconsciously expresses itself through his music. Charles Ingalls' newly released EP, Running Through the Forest, seamlessly blends original hip-hop vibes with the breathtaking sounds of nature. 

With tracks presenting similar moods to those found in songs by Pretty Lights, GRiZ and Mura Masa, Running Through the Forest takes you out of the room, and drops you into the wild. In the track “The Descent,” Ingalls creates a world where electronic wind chimes echo through the trees of a rain forest. In combining subtle female vocals, classic hip-hop tones, and sounds heard from a foreign space, "The Descent" melodically orchestrates the phenomena of nature.

The Untz Festival Phase 3Other standouts from the album include "Thin Air," which is as heavy-hitting as it is crisp and cool. Then there's the track we premiered, "You Know Nothing," which is a Game of Thrones themed romp through the hinterlands.

Looking for a set that turns your house into a tropical jungle? Look no further, CharlestheFirst’s recently released EP, Running Through the Forest, boasts eight tracks that are sure to have you reaching for your umbrella.

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