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Favorite ThisChachuba honors jamtronica legends with Can't Escape the Fluid EP

Published: March 23, 2016

By: Anand Harsh

While it's easy to make the comparison between Chicago's jamtronica quartet Chachuba and its progenitors in the field like the NEW DEAL, STS9, Lotus, or the Biscuits, a close listen to the band's brand new EP, Can't Escape the Fluid, reveals a uniqueness and originality that will help the four-piece break new ground in the electronic music scene.

Choosing to reveal the EP today with, we're greeted with the single, "Janitor Millionaire," which gets a companion piece in the form of a recorded studio session for the track. It demonstrates fully and in high-definition the multitude of talents these young musicians possess. Poised and proficient, the tightness of the act belies its relative youth.

"Dr. Gil" gives us the easy path to a Tribe comparison, but the back third and its computerized breakdown also give us a glimpse of an early Dosio vibe. The trancefusion sound is there, but there's more. "YoloBot" especially hearkens back to a Disco Biscuits sound, with guitarwork from Jimmy Klimek very reminiscent of Barber.

The EP closer, "Jurassic Nark," really shows off each member's chops. The battery of drummer Paul Feinstein and bassist Nate Beitz are in lockstep, and synth master Sean DiCosola really creates some wild atmospherics that tie the piece together.

ChachubaLike any new band on the scene, these guys are going to closely emulate their heroes in the scene, but just you wait--in a couple albums or so, the band will morph and develop into a while new unit with a sound all its own.

This weekend, the foursome embarks on its big spring tour, which will eventually hit Colorado for a mid-April run before returning for dates in the midwest.

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