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Favorite ThisCAVE DWLR brings a tribal feel to ThazDope Records

Published: November 7, 2017

By: Sam Lawrence

CAVE DWLRCAVE DWLR’s new EP, Perspective, out now on Thazdope Records, begins with a vocal tag welcoming the listener to the experience, and what an experience it is.

The EP opens with “Annata” which drops right into chill trap vibes that are as thick as they are smooth. MIDI sections are repeated, but in different octaves and with so many effects stacked that each movement of the track feels unique and refreshing.

Dukkha” is a more open, tribal track with water droplets and percussive elements that sound like they’re made of wood or metal. Chimes guide the more relaxed moments which are immediately followed up by solid bass tones. This track also dips just a toe into some glitch elements in the drums, which are a welcome break from the traditional trap beats that underscore this project.

Kama” begins with the sounds of insects and running water, a nod to CAVE DWLR's ambient, almost spiritual influences that clearly guide her production methods. While this track draws up in energy after the intro, it’s with a steady hand that keeps the feeling mellow and grounded rather than running off the edge with noise. Trap influences continue to dominate, but this track takes such a minimal approach that fans of tribal and future bass could be easily lulled into enjoying it.

“Dukkha” and “Kama” are both remixed on the EP as well, by Ascentient and Mt. Analogue respectively. Ascentient’s remix of “Dukkha” flips the track on its head, leaving it barely recognizable next to its original form. The melodic structure is packed with reverb and those slight glitch elements are turned way up as the synths weave a complex and wiggly path through the kicks and hats. Mt. Analogue’s remix of “Kama” does little to disrupt the relaxed vibes of the intro or the basic beat structure, but it adds in new melodic elements and layers loads of effects onto the drums. Mt. Analogue is a name to watch closely, and be sure to catch him as part of the Trifinity with Yheti and Toadface at the upcoming Sacred Wellness event put on by The Untz, Thazdope, and other partners this coming February.

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