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Favorite ThisCaspa commits a 'Tech Foul'

Published: January 16, 2018

By: Kevin Sanders

CASPAAt this point in the electronic music scene, there are not too many Dons from the Dawn of Dubstep left killing the scene like they were ten plus years ago. With his newest release “Tech Foul,” Caspa proves that the dopest ghost is still able to produce a minimalist, grime-laden banger that’s easily discernable from a majority of current soundscapes.

While the sound design of loud, alien sex noises seems to be todays mantra, “Tech Foul” forgoes what many seem to think as the universal rule, and sticks with one or two synth layers at a time. Gary McCann masterfully throws in bass when it makes the most of the bare minimum, while still forcing that stupid grin that shows you’re equally enthused and terrified of what you hear at the same time.

With a catalog of bangers going back a decade, it seems as though this pattern will continue for another epoch in a constantly changing arena. Caspa, however, shows no signs of straying away from his simple yet effective roots.

Tags: Dubstep