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Favorite ThisCandyland collab with Breathe Carolina on "Find Someone" in advance of The Friend Zone Tour

Published: September 10, 2014

By: Anand Harsh

The worlds of pop music and EDM grow ever closer. Collabs between DJ superstars and pop singers happen all the time, but when electro-pop outfit Breathe Carolina threw down with the very talented SoCal duo Candyland, I had a hard time telling if the song was a pop song or an EDM tune. Really. It splits the worlds right in half, and by gum, it's a fit!

Which makes absolute sense why The Friend Zone Tour is going to be such a monster hit. The acts are already buds, check. And fans of one will likely be fans of the other, check check. And the bill is getting stacked with acts like SMOG star Flinch and our buddy dotcom. Clearly, the crossover success will be bonkers, and all acts will double their fan bases.

Sure is nice to be in the Friend Zone.

Tags: ElectroHouse