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Favorite ThisCandyland & Zak Waters - Not Coming Down

Published: July 9, 2013
By: Scotty Fuller

In terms of sound, dubstep is a very powerful brand of music. Because of this gravity, when a producer chooses to throw vocals into the mix, they have to be strong. Candyland’s new song “Not Coming Down” just dropped, and it features a young singer named Zak Waters. Without Waters, this beat is a high power dub cut that doesn’t sound like anything we have had on The Untz in quite a while. With Zak, the song takes on a whole new identity that makes it nothing short of magical. The transitions between Candyland’s big drop back into Walter’s vocals are perfect. Expect big things from this kid. He doesn’t just hold his own alongside this insanely dope beat.  There are times he outshines it. This song is worth every penny of the $2.49 on Beatport.