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Favorite ThisCamp Bisco X Preview: EP3

Published: June 30, 2011

by Kerry McNeil

Guitarist Dan Cox, drummer Tom Hilton, keyboardist (who also provides synths) Charles F. Moreland III, and bassist Patrick Scalambrino comprise the Atlanta, GA quartet Eight Planets Past Pluto—or EP3. If you’ve heard of EP3, it’s because of their impressive live sets and fresh brand of livetronica that has been raging clubs from coast to coast. If not, the buzz around the group is well warranted. Mixing bluesy, soulful guitars with spacey synths and irresistible beats, EP3 is a fantastic blend of jam band, electronica, and traditional instrumentation that forms the foundation of their intriguing and improvisational sound.

Garnering almost 400 Facebook likes of their Eight Planets Past Pluto EP review and release on The Untz in March, the foursome is clearly onto something big and are only getting bigger with their spot at Camp Bisco X. Tracks like “Soul Follow Me,” showcase the talent that the group exudes, with a piano-driven melody, airy vocal samples, and jazzy guitars that promise to be even more enticing in a live setting. The cosmic, intergalactic vibe that EP3 displays should reap a whole new fan base at Bisco on Saturday, July 9th.

EP3 - Soul Follow Me

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