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Favorite ThisCamo & Krooked - Move Around ft Ian Shaw

Published: August 9, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

The Viennese do it with ease. Today, we were gifted what most in the industry would call a "tease," and we call pure torture--a tragically short clip of the new soon-to-be anthem from Austrian duo Camo & Krooked. Reinhard Rietsch and Markus Wagner have achieved 'legend' status in the drum and bass world, but this preview of "Move Around" proves they're still breaking new ground. With Ian Shaw's vocals careening around on top of disco synths, it almost sounds like Daft Punk dipped their robot toes in d&b. It's uplifting, it's sexy, it's smooth--it's everything you've come to expect from this powerhouse team, and more. The track will be out in one month on Hospital Records, and it's sure to make a splash.