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Favorite ThisBruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven (The M Machine Remix)

Published: January 22, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

By mid-October, music critics were already throwing their hands in the air and screaming bloody murder about Bruno Mars swiping The Police's sound with "Locked Out of Heaven." But it was already too late. People were already humming it in the shower, and the track scampered up to the top of the charts where it has stayed--locking all other pop acts out of heaven (sorry, couldn't resist). Well what does every pop song need these days? If you said "dubstep remix" you're right. If you said "The M Machine," congratulations, you win the grand prize. The SF collective made waves with Metropolis Pt 1, but took some time away from the back half to work on this remix. It's got just enough bass for the bassheads, but isn't going to frighten away the preteens who pick up the single/remixes.