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Favorite ThisBroMosapien hits us with 'Act Up' ahead of new EP

Published: September 30, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

BroMosapien - Fallen KingdomIt was just earlier this month that BroMosapien was on our ends. His collab with Engix, “What's Good,” was an instant crowd pleaser, so we were thrilled to get him back so soon.

Andy Underwood is on the verge of releasing his brand new EP, Fallen Kingdom, and he was kind enough to let us pick a tune to share with our audience.

I just had to have “Act Up,” because it possesses that same sort of intensity that drew us to the original premiere. With liberal usage of the Amen Break, which is always going to get bonus points in my book, BroMosapien delivers a hefty dosage of drums and bass packaged just the way we like it. Underwood has a brash new sound and we're thrilled to be riding his coattails to wherever it takes him. Although you can guess where it will lead.

Fallen Kingdom is out this Friday, October 2. Move your body back and forth.

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