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Favorite ThisBreak Science fans, have no fear!

Published: September 14, 2010


by Cole Epley

It’s not breaking news that Adam Deitch has been blowing up dance floors coast to coast while making waves in the electronic music world. Recently, the driving force and drummer behind Break Science has ventured out into a new foray, one which has brought him even more attention than before—he’s been hammering the snares for Colorado-based producer Derek Vincent Smith’s Pretty Lights.

While his adventure has been a thrill to the likes of Pretty Lights fans, many Break Science fans have been scratching their heads. “A few people have come up to me,” Deitch begins, “and been like, ‘Man, why are you doing this? You guys have been killing it!’” With a laugh, the beat virtuoso is quick to add, “I just want to let all those fans know that Break Science is not done AT ALL. We are still in the beginning, and this (Pretty Lights) is just a part of it. It’s a learning experience and it’s all good. Break Science is comin’ at you real soon!”

Recently, the lofty ambitions of Deitch and his Break Science cohort, Borahm Lee, have been realized: a stage appearance by none other than Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 at a STS9 after party at Irving Plaza, NYC. “Chali 2na came out that night and crushed it! The crowd went nuts, it was a blast.”

Those closer to the camp would also know that Talib Kweli has been rehearsing in the studio with Break Science lately, as they anticipate finalizing the forthcoming debut EP. Finding time has not been a horribly difficult task, as Deitch has been getting help from Smith of Pretty Lights: “I’ve learned some new tricks from Derek—some production tricks, so it’s really helped out the record a lot…we’ve been mixing and actually Alex B is going to be helping us out with some mixing as well, and some new tracks…as far as the product goes, we’ve been working on a bunch of stuff and now it’s in the mixing stages, so it should be done soon. It’s been coming along great.”

Break Science fans are sure to lap up everything contained on this EP, as the Deitch-Lee duo continue to perfect and hone in on the final ‘product,’ something rather out-of-the-ordinary for this day and age. “[This being our first EP] this is really our first statement, so I think people have just been waiting to hear it ‘as is,’” remarked Deitch. “The surprise is, we have a studio album finally! THAT’s the surprise…It’s been so long, and this whole thing [the EP]  is based on having an awesome product, and by doing it backwards—that is, by proving yourself as a live act before you have the product—is pretty unorthodox. Most people go out, make their CD, then they go out and tour; but we did it the old way. You develop it on the road, and THEN you put a record together.”

With the scene continuing to evolve and re-invent itself over and over again, the electronic genre has seen a plethora of camps and artists emerge over recent years. Though opinions differ on where it’s actually headed, Deitch predicts a “renaissance of vintage soul” coupled with the more modern, electronic vibe. “It’s something where we don’t need to worry about genres—is it trip hop, is it dub step, is it hip hop? Stop with the labels—to me, it’s just that new shit! Either you’re up on it, or you’re in the past. And The Untz is definitely up on it!”

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