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Favorite ThisBrand New NiT GriT Track: Bomber

Published: June 1, 2011

NiT GriTFans of NiT GriT can rejoice with the recent release of a brand new track from the bass cadet himself. Danny Beall put together "Bomber," as a filler track for his set, but decided "what the hell... " and dropped it for free through SoundCloud. With his signature ethereal choir and ultra-focused synth and bass work, this new single is right up NiT GriT's alley. The elusive Mr. Beall hasn't signed on to many festivals this summer, making a limited number of appearances for someone as in demand as he is. However, a late July return to Chicago for the Wicker Park Festival will certainly satiate the bass-quenching Second City folk who haven't caught a glimpse of the West Coaster since a January slot at the Kinetic Playground. As reclusive as NiT GriT may be, his sound is bigger and brasher than ever. For the uninitiated, we encourage a tour around his artist profile, for the full low end effect.

NiT GriT - Bomber

Tags: Dubstep