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Favorite ThisBrand New EP3 Single and Album Review

Published: March 13, 2011

By: Kerry McNeil

EP3Atlanta, GA foursome EP3 are poised to release another ‘Space-tronica’ inspired EP. 

Eight Planets Past Pluto will be out on March 21st via Filled with more of their synth-meets-organic variety of livetronica, the new tracks will undoubtedly inspire greater exploration at the quartet’s already revered live sets. The four-song EP is a jam-worthy release that will leave fans wanting more, and will excite crowds experiencing EP3’s brand of ‘improvisational flair,’ as their Myspace bio calls it.

“Soul Follow Me,” begins with a piano-driven melody that explodes into a blend of light, airy vocal samples, synthy laser sounds, and jazzy guitars that build up against fierce percussion. The guitars, percussion, and synths arc into a faster tempo toward the climax to create an intensely soulful jam.Dan Cox’s guitar melodies on “Parallels,” add mood and tone to the song—supported by a truly contagious synth melody, which carries throughout the track, and a few short vocal samples. All of the elements fuse for a fast-paced breakdown, demonstrating EP3’s talent to match digital productions with bluesy guitars and Tom Hilton’s effervescent drumming.

The cosmic influence of the band’s moniker is apparent in “Time Chasers,” a track that mixes spacey synths and technical guitar work to create a strangely appealing melody. The melody flows into a frenetic guitar solo from Cox, which fades back into the cosmic sound from the intro and amps up the multifaceted jam. 

The “Seasons” remix is a contest-winning submission from Saturator. The remix yields a more laid-back vibe than the original cut, found on EP3’s previous release, adding more digital effects along with a steady, bouncing beat to close out the diverse release.

EP3’s ability to combine the mood and feeling of organic instruments with the cool vibe of the digital world make them a standout in the electronic music community. Their improvisational live shows promise a balance of synth and guitar, an atmospheric sound, and a cosmic musical experience for fans of their signature livetronica grooves.

EP3 - Soul Follow Me


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