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Favorite ThisBorgore visits The Blue Note on December 5th

Published: November 29, 2011

Who says Monday can't be Funday? Certainly not dubstep superstar Borgore, as he brings his dirty bass and even dirtier rhymes to The Blue Note in Columbia, MO on Dec. 5th. Asaf Borger is wildly popular throughout the States, as evidenced by his smashingly successful Birdwatching Tour. He's in the midst of a cross-country trek, but there aren't too many Midwest chances to catch him. Make sure you enter to win tickets from, and save yourself a couple of bucks. This one's gonna be packed, as Borgore is joined by regional favorites Doombox, Abe Froman, REqUiEM, Wobblo, and a special Hendrix v. Breeze set.

Borgore - BBC 1xtra Mistajam Daily Dose of Dubstep (11/16/2011)

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