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Favorite ThisBorgore ft. Shay: Flex EP Review

Published: March 5, 2012

By: Gracie Roberts

Asaf Borger, better known as bass music superstar Borgore, has taken the dubstep scene by storm ever since his debut in 2009. This 24-year-old Israeli producer has labeled his music “gorestep” to illustrate the incorporation of triplet drum patterns and heavy metal into his sound. Borgore’s innovative style has earned him the title of one of the most popular and controversial figures in bass culture today. His upcoming release, Flex – his fifth EP of original material - builds on that notoriety with some of his hardest, raunchiest grooves yet.

Growing up in Tel Aviv, Borgore has a slew of musical influences that are unique and diverse. Borgore studied at Tel Aviv’s prestigious Thelma Yellin music academy, Israel’s equivalent of Berklee and Julliard, where he learned to write big-band charts and skillfully became a saxophone virtuoso. As a formally-trained jazz musician, Borgore attributes some of his musical inspiration to jazz artists such as Wayne Shorter and John Coltrane along with dubstep pioneers such as Skream, Benga, and Coki.

Borgore’s newest EP begins with the original version of “Flex”, a party-starting jam MC’d by Israeli rapper Shay, who also hails from Tel Aviv. As a frequent presence in Borgore’s live shows, this 22-year-old talent is a recent addition to Borgore’s own label, Buygore. Shay’s voice can be heard over Borgore’s pounding bass lines, spitting crude lyrics that fit in perfectly with Borgore’s widely-known provocative aptness. The combination of Borgore’s synth-driven beat with Shay’s raw lyrics result in a stimulating track that is sure to get any crowd on its feet.

Flex features a total of four remixes of the original track, re-worked by artists Document One, Coven, Figure, and Borgore himself. Document One provides a remix with a sound similar to the likes of fellow dubstep gurus Skrillex, Datsik, and Excision, including a bouncy beat with synthesizers that have a nearly mechanical sound. Figure’s remix carries on these grimy, in-your-face tones with a faster tempo and an outlandish beat. Perfect for dance parties anywhere from dank basements to lofty arenas, the multiple versions of “Flex” will undoubtedly win over the ears and minds of dubstep lovers across the globe.

The EP’s closing track, “Kiss My Lips”, is a collaboration between Borgore and 22-year old electropop singer, Dev. The track’s girlish vocals float above a bass-filled beat, an aspect of Borgore’s music that is seldom neglected. Dev’s voice makes this track all the more attractive for partygoers, who will unquestionably be blown away by the immense magnitude and power of the track.

Three years into his career as a dubstep mastermind, the young Borgore has a long road of fame and appreciation in front of him. Flex EP serves as the most recent touchstone in this cutting-edge artist’s success, and upon its March 5 release, EDM fans will get a taste of the talent and artistry that Borgore has to offer.

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