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Favorite ThisBombs Away: Enough Said...

Published: June 8, 2012
By: Ty Allen

While this Australian duo of Thomas Hart and “Sketch” may have only been producing together since early 2010, they have known each other practically their entire lives, and “bombs away” defines them as impeccably as their as their wild stage performances do; even if their name was stolen from the side of a tow truck.

Known for their insatiable appetite for remixing and reworking some of the most popular mainstream songs out there - as well as their ridiculous live performances where they tend to get wasted on Jagermeister and even thrown out of venues - Bombs Away has been steadily topping charts and de-topping babes ever since they decided to collaborate after touring alone for a few years.

Their sound is somewhere between electro, hip-hop, dubstep and dance, and any song that catches their ears will be “played with” until they create their undeniably distinct sound. In fact, one their most popular songs to date, “Big Booty Bitches” (featured below) was originally a track that they were “mucking around with” and used as a filler on their sets, but has exploded into an extensively-remixed, fan favorite…and for good reason. Their tracks seem to just force people to dance and they have a knack for literally dropping bombs mid-track, with seriously epic, bass-filled breakdowns.

Below, we have featured a few of their top songs, starting with two flawless remixes followed by "radio clips" of their top two songs to date (“Big Booty Bitches,” as well as “Supersoaker”). Although, with a repertoire of some sixty-plus songs, it’s a bit difficult to choose favorites, one of the many being their remix to Gotye’s “Sombody That I Used to Know,” which is easily one of the best remixes of the song but, unfortunately, was taken down from SoundCloud for some undisclosed reason.

The Untz is absolutely stoked to bring you, Bombs Away, and while plenty of their songs are free, we hope you enjoy and support the artists on Beatport and iTunes, and before you press play, remember to crank up that bass!

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