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Favorite ThisBogusdank: Take Me Away EP

Published: January 24, 2013
By: Charlotte Roxanne Horton

Bogusdank, although not enormously famous on the social media sphere, has done wonders with his new fourteen- minute EP, Take Me Away. It kickss off with an nterlude of what could be the newest house anthem. The sound is fun, with lots of movement and colorful change ups, making it dead simple to move and groove a crowd. The next segment of the EP has a grittier, dirtier sound with the bass being darker and stronger. The last portion of the EP has a more euphoric, trance-like essence to it. But as the song progresses, it turns into a mixture of the first two segments with softer undertones.

Overall, Bogusdank does a decent job making three different sounds completely his own and one. There may be a lack of vocals, but listeners no doubt will know how to feel and how to dance along when they hear this new compilation.