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Favorite ThisBogTroTTer debuts 'Sludge' from Swamp Music benefit compilation

Published: February 15, 2017

By: Jonathan Gross

On top of producing killer music, our dark and dirty corner of the electronic music industry has also produced some incredible movements for change and the advancement of our society. In a me-me-me-gimme-gimme-gimme world, hustling artists are putting aside ego to contribute to worthy causes spreading hope, love, and harmony to those who need it most.

On the third anniversary of the Swamp Music label, marking over a year of continuous work on the project, Swampilation Volume II will drop on February 28. Spanning glitch-hop, psydub, and weird bass from more than 40 artists from all over the country, this massive comp features tunes from the likes of Andreilien, 5AM, Detox Unit, Alejo, Levitation Jones, kLL sMTH, Mindex, and so many more. Set at a more than reasonable $22, 100% of the compilation's proceeds will go to Alive Inside, an outreach program designed to give dementia patients the gift of experiencing music that they love and miss. Even world-renowned digital artist Archan Nair donated the stunning artwork that adorns the compilation.

Today we premiere BogTroTTer's “Sludge” from this mega-compilation. Rough and tumble, dark and twisted, this glitchy midtempo stomper fills our speakers with otherworldly sounds and unexpected surprises. Curtis Czock is coming into his own and really putting his stamp on the psychedelic bass scene. Fans will recognize him from numerous festivals, banging comps and remixes, and as a breakout star from Tipper's Full Moon Gathering last year.

We urge fans to support Swampilation Volume II when it drops at the end of the month—not just because it's jam-packed with some of our favorite new artists as well as our all-time legends, but because these philanthropic pursuits are what's going to lift this community up as a shining example of what the power of music can do.

Visit for more information, and to snag this comp February 28.

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