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Favorite ThisBogtrotter - Cybrosion [Out 5/5 on Merkaba Music]

Published: April 21, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Born in the peaty sludge of ... Minnesota? Well, certainly there must be some swampiness to contend with when the snow thaws in late July, and before the subzero temps return in early September. Regardless of the actual physical terrain Bogtrotter battles, the virtual, sonic space in which he produces wildly imaginative beasts writhes with low frequency swamp creatures, muddied and tentacled. Slipping from beat to beat, slimy and smooth, these polyrhythmic organisms squirt and squelch in the darkness at the back of your mind.
Today's premiere from Resonant Mind, the latest installment in the Merkaba Music compilation series from Kalya Scintilla, a follow-up to last year's Resonant Heart, brings us the work of Living Light, SIXIS, Erothyme, Subaqueous, and more. The compilation drops exclusively on Addictech, May 5th, followed by a wide release the next week. The dapper producer from Down Under has cultivated a rabid following, and we're thrilled to see Yaygon Lamagaia give his fellow artisans the exposure they deserve.