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Favorite ThisBogTroTTer adopts the dark with new EP Villainous

Published: January 17, 2018

By: Jennifer Seifert

BogTroTTerMere days after headlining a sold out Tipper after party (that got moved up to the House of Blues in New Orleans to cover the ticket demand), Curtis Czock delves deeper into the fractal abyss with the release of his new EP via Shanti Planti, Villainous. Living up to his name, BogTroTTer dredges into the recesses of his signature psychedelic swamp-hop coupled with liquid glitch and hard-hitting percussion for Villainous, submerging the listener in the dark recesses of the chasm of sound he is known for.

Resonant Language” sets the tone for the entire EP. It opens with a sample of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, “Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it,” followed by ominous tones infused with dark, mind-altering psychedelic glitch.

The title track, “Villainous,” is the epitome of sound inversion, catapulting you down a spiral stairwell like a rag doll, sending you further into Czock’s marshlands and rocketing you back up to the surface. “Villainous” is layered with thick glitch and trenchant bass with lighter percussion overtones that contribute to the sensation of traveling up and down a subterranean tunnel.

The intro of “Sandman” evokes a sensation that you are being stealthily followed by a creature and as the track picks up speed, it’s as if you are being pursued by this swamp monster, dodging its movements through the sludge and dead foliage of BogTroTTer’s swamplands. He does an exceptional job at transporting the listener from their reality into the parallel universe he creates with his music.

The Abyss” is one of the darker tracks–and also the shortest–concluding the EP with unrelenting glitch and heavy bass, propelling you further into the mind of Czock.

Minneapolis native, Curtis Czock has planted his roots in Denver, Colorado and has been melting crowds throughout the United States, Australia and Canada since 2009. He has quickly become a favorite at festivals such as Infrasound, Lucidity, and Tipper and Friends; inspiring a myriad of listeners to tread deep into his sound field, united by lustrous melodies. BogTroTTeR has six releases creating complex terrestrial soundscapes on legendary Shanti Planti, Merkaba and Addictech Records. You can catch BogTroTTer next in Atlanta, Georgia where he will be performing with Desert Dwellers at Terminal West on April 13.

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