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Favorite ThisBobbyTank: Nexus Moonburgers out on Beatport

Published: November 1, 2011

The new BobbyTank EP is forcing all adjectives into early retirement, save for one: THICK. Nexus Moonburgers makes the 2/3 lb. Monster Thickburger from Hardees (TM) look like a slider. Juicy synths explode in every direction, glittering across the track in bright, beat-crushed flavors. The only reason the title track stays tied to the ground is the steel-toed boot of beats, stuttering with precision and depth in this swarm of counterpoint melodies. Like the bastard child of Lakeside and a zamboni, the funky bass blasts push not only the driving beat, but give some foundation to the scattershot synth shrapnel.

The opening cut, "Prism Break" has that same laser-hop feel, but a swirling whirpool breakdown lets these effervescent synths fall into measurable patterns that spin and swirl ever closer in orbit, whirling down and down before running smack into the drop that sends the bursting back into outer space. Capable remixes by +verb and FreddyTodd throw that marquee star-status seal of approval on the disc, but this new producer coming out on the Beverly Hills-based Prime DUB Entertainment--a fast-growing label associated with Untz faves like GRiZ and Billy Blacklight--needs no help with his two mouth-watering cuts. Hope you like your burgers thick...

Nexus Moonburgers is out now on Beatport, everywhere 11/14. (