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Favorite ThisBlunt Instrument: Audible Space Review

Published: January 24, 2013
By: Chris Schwarzkopf

For me, part of the enjoyment of listening to electronic music lies in trying to imagine the scenario that led a producer to give a track a particular name. This game is elevated with Blunt Instrument’s new EP, Audible Space.
There are some funky, heady, and dark things going on in this EP from the Australian duo of Luke Latimer and Rocco Mico. And it has some of the most persistent beats I’ve heard in quite a while. Take track 2, “Face Plant,” for example. Man, that is a heavy, chugging rhythm.
Most electronic music doesn’t hold to the typical narrative structure embraced by other genres. There are no storylines in the standard sense. The emphasis is on creating a mood and on prompting an emotional response even in the absence of relatable characters and situations. Pure emotion is often the focus.
Nevertheless, I frequently get the impression that, on some level, there must be a kernel of an idea present in some electronic tracks. Maybe not fully formed, but present just the same.
This is what I feel is at work on Audible Space. Its four tracks have simple, straightforward titles: “Double Parked,” “Face Plant,” “Tea Party,” and “Twilight Council.”
At face value, the names don’t seem to have much to do with the overall groove Blunt Instrument is setting up. But keep listening.
For instance, the repeated phrase, “I got the antidote,” in the first track might get the imagination flowing and suddenly the title, “Double Parked” becomes a bit clearer.
But does it necessarily need to be clear? The short answer is, “No. Not at all.” The distance between the original inspiration and my appreciation is great indeed. As is the distance between my appreciation and someone else’s. And these don’t ever need to be in agreement in order to enjoy a song. Like I said, the kernel of an idea may be there, but it’s different for everyone.
It’s entirely possible that I’m reading too much into these titles and that they are, in fact, truly nothing more than free association. I still think a lot of fun can be had in trying to put an explanation to the EP. There is no single way to listen to and enjoy Audible Space, as with any album. No single meaning to be parsed out. Give it a listen and see what it means to you.

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