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Favorite ThisBluetech - Podcast Episode 148

Published: January 29, 2014

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For more than a decade, fans have been enjoying the soothing, sumptuous, psybient soundscapes of Evan Marc Bartholomew. As Bluetech, Bartholomew has set the standard for what downtempo and ambient music should do to the body, mind, and soul. Traversing sonic lands and genres without so much as a thought, the Bluetech signature is deeply emotional music that works just as well on the dance floor as it does in the comfort of your own home.

Bartholomew discusses his Hawaiian home, his deep dedication to the environment, as well as the incredible connection with fans he has cultivated during the past year--through both his solar-powered studio plans, as well as his crowdsourcing efforts, which have brought his latest work to life.

On February 4th, the new Bluetech album, Spacehop Chronicles Volume 1, drops digitally, and on CD and LP. The EP tells the tale of Laika, the original Russian Cosmopup who lives and alternate reality in this story of new worlds and discovery. A graphic novel and more installments are soon to follow.

On February 5th, the day after Spacehop drops, Evan hits the road on a monthlong tour that takes him to Cervantes in Denver on February 6th, out to Tucson, AZ for the big Gem & Jam Festival on February 8, and all over California, Texas, and the Pacific Northwest. The Untz is presenting this whirlwind tour, and you can find all the dates below!

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